• Away!

    In case you hadn't already gathered, I've been away from the art table for a bit, checking out parts south in Asheville NC. So far? Loving the area but am feeling my fingers itch with anticipation being surrounded by all this amazing art. And while I did bring a few supplies, nothing beats being in a studio space to really let The Muse fly.

    If YOU spend chunks of time away from your studio ... let me know how you cope. I'm all ears!!
    In the meantime ... some pretty pictures.

    Drinking a liquid lunch at Highland Brewing Company, Asheville NC

    Spectacular vistas and colours, Blue Ridge Parkway NC

    And that's why they call'em The BLUE Ridge Mountains!

    Morning walk in our 'hood, Kenilworth Neighbourhood, Asheville NC


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      1. Thanks Juli! It's fun to explore but I'm getting artmaking starved! lol

    2. I take a journal, draw, or zentangle or doodle...that's it...oh- and my portable watercolor pen and papers. <3

      1. Yup. I do the same thing but that whole no mixed media thing is starting to drive me a bit batty! xo

    3. That was me, Corinne, posting just now.

    4. I always have my journal with me so i can draw if I feel like it. Otherwise I just take lots of photos for future use!

      1. Taking your advice to heart Bridgette. Snap. Snap. Snap. (my card is gonna get full before I get home!)


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