Back at the table

Angel Oak outside of Charleston SC
 Got home last week and by weekend was right back into the thick of things. Before I left I'd signed up for Michael deMeng's online class Twisted Toyland, so while I re-acclimatized to life in these Northern Climes (takes me longer as I get older it seems!) I watched the prep videos. I've known for awhile that my modus operandi parallels Michael's but to *see* it? Kinda weird.


I've started the Vehicular Varmint project ...

I've just about finished the painting on the top one and am quite liking it. Photos anon.
The second one? Yah. Not so much but I'll post a photo of where I'm at though chances are I won't finish it. Busting out the next project  ... Spidora. Fun stuff!

Oh! And stay tuned for my very first Give Away later this week!


JackieP Neal said...

Oh ! Do post all of the photos! I love to see what deMenged projects come from Michael's students!

Just Jen said...

Promise Jackie! :D

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