Over the years I've done Mass Unloadings of Stuff, destashed my stash or RAK'd* my unsuspecting friends but I've never done a Giveaway With Intent. I'm still not sure what my intent IS but I do want to give something away. If only to make room for more well...erm... making!

[*RAK=Random Act of Kindness]

I've pondered long and hard about what I should tie this giveaway to ... all the web marketing pundits say, "More Likes! More Subscribers! More Pins!" Seeing as I don't have anything to subscribe TO and my pinterest boards are for my own gawkery where I rarely pin my own stuff anyway, I guess I'll focus on "More Likes".

I haven't the foggiest idea why this would be important!

But here we go ... if you'd like THIS:

Encaustic mixed media on board. 4 1/2"x6x1". Ready to hang.
...then do This:
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Giveaway will run until November 30, 2015.
Random winner will be chosen on December 1st, 2015.

Ready. Set. LIKE!


  1. I don't just like it, I love it! I need art on my walls-we moved at the end of March, then my husband got desperately ill & I never got around to hanging things on the wall. *fingers crossed*

  2. The top faux bunting is too cool as well as the depth of Abe due to overprinting and the glass/wire
    at the bottom. I collect smalls- can I add it to my group.??


  3. This is a fab piece- how can you give it away?!! Well I love it and liked you and shared Spidey!! My friend s are huge fans of this type of work- so I had to share!
    Happy Thanksgiving! ")