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My name is Jen Worden.
I live in rural Nova Scotia and after living for 30 years @meadowoodfarmns we designed and built our current lakeside home.

I am happily married to my best friend. We have three children and 2 Jacks. We used to farm. Then designed websites at the dawn of the internet (1994!). Now I do THIS.

I can … milk a cow, make cheese (even though I can't eat it), give an injection, remove stitches, slaughter poultry, get an ornery horse over a jump, make a mean crusty loaf, sew a man’s 3 piece suit, tell you the latin names of most perennials, roll my tongue, do a triathlon.

Art has been a life-long obsession. It keeps me sane.

I'm happy you're here.

Artist Statement

Jen Worden is a mixed media artist based in Nova Scotia, Canada, who is never afraid to play with the unexpected! Her bold use of shapes and unique combinations of materials serve to both challenge her artistic boundaries and reveal her true ethos - an exploration of joy, discovery and constant change. Through a process of experimenting, building and refining each piece, she encourages her viewers to make connections between each layer and element of her artwork. As a collage artist, Jen Worden seeks to create joyful, complex pieces that will bring light to her viewers' lives.

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