more waxenplast

More experiments from the online Waxenplast class.

The above? I think I'll incorporate it into an assemblage.

With a mouse head. :)

I'm so stoked with the stripes on the one above. The wood is from a 100 year old shingle, stripped off our barn last winter. That red at the bottom, from stain likely applied pretty darned close to 100 years ago I'd think. Unfortunately, I inadvertently splotched some wax on the raw wood but hey! live and learn right? The bird was some of the stain that sort of suggested that shape. I glued cardboard to the wood to make it a bit more dimensional and then waxed the sides. And I was able to maintain their stripeyness even after fusing. Maybe simple for veterans but for this wax neophyte? Not quite so easy. So I'm chuffed ... 'reet' chuffed as my dad would say.

This was another constructed substrate ... a balsa lid of a dollar store box, flipped over and reglued. The "bunting" is horrible polyester trim that was glued, nailed, waxed and then highlighted with paint. Wax transforms all! Plaster was trowelled onto the wood then washed with acrylics and an inkjet image copy onto tissue paper adhered to the plaster. Acrylic washes and then wax over top. Then I incised with an awl and mushed paint into the tracks.

With each new piece, I learn more about the properties of plaster and wax and how I can manipulate them to do my biding. Mwahahahaha! Such fun!


  1. Wonderful pieces Jen!!
    I believe the last is my favorite~love the added lace.
    Jackie ")

    1. Thanks so much Jackie. It's been such a fun journey .... learning LOTS. :)


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