Started Stephanie's Waxenplast last week.
Did a binge watch of all the videos and am now going back through at a more relaxed pace.

Here's the 'junk journal' plaster gauzed with top coat of plaster waiting to dry.

 These are more an interpretation of a bunch of lessons ... plaster casting and relief/stencil/gel medium resists with a final coat of wax over top. I'm kinda swoony over the little baby one. Mainly because of the beech leaf imprint. And it's putting a hideous pink frame I've had kicking around for yonks to good use!

 A plaster cast waiting to be played with. I love how the serendipitous floral background gave this baby head some Mickey ears!

And the "junk journal" with many more steps done. With Stella on the cover how can I go wrong? Oh wait. By trying to get precise lines. With wax. Eesh!

And while I am still ... VERY MUCH... in major experimentation mode, I have an idea how this plaster and wax and wire might all go together. Though there are many more roads to cross before I get there, it's very enticing!


  1. Sounds as if you are on one heck of an inspired creative roll ... which warms me heart!
    has me hanging head in shame for woefully neglecting the sending of weird odd bits that might come in handy for all this {{{ shame shame on me }}} Reaching for a pencil now to write myself stern reminder note.

    LOVE that Stella-ism !!!

    1. After a pretty vapid summer it's been nice to delve back into the studio. Nothing like deadlines (and online classes!) to get the butt in gear.

      re: odd bits of stuff ... when it feels right. We will be off for a month to NC once our Thanksgiving is over so no hurry. xo

  2. oh yea! Gorgeous in the house! See your muse just needed a bit of time off!! Welcome home! ")
    by the way , I too am a Capricorn!
    Jackie xo


    1. Time off and cooler temperatures, methinks. :)
      Caps rock! (and many artists among us. go figure?!)