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Are you put off by "artist speak"? I know I am!

Half the time I read artist statements, I can't even fathom what they're talking about. Trust me when I say they very likely consulted someone who gave them back their words in that completely garbled, misunderstandable (is that even a word???) form. Most likely they just wanted to say, "uhm. I make stuff. I don't know why. But I can't seem to stop."

So I wanted to clarify what I ACTUALLY mean when I talk about "process". Firstly, I love sharing how I go about making something (read:process) or how I came up with an idea (read:process) or what I'm thinking about while making something (read: yep,process).
Process is The Why, The How, The What.
And you should never ever EVER feel intimidated asking an artist how or why they made something.  Please! ASK!!

Often, we are just as mystified about what we create as you are observing it. Sometimes we're just figuring out what happens when we put this thing beside that thing. Or that colour over top this colour.

Sometimes there are deeper reasons. Case in point. I made a bunch of paintings a few years back. They were all based on old photos from my husband's family. And they sure do look like a tribute of sorts, to them. But that isn't where my head was at. At all. Does it matter? Well sure if you were interested in WHY I chose those particular photos. Or HOW I made them. But it certainly doesn't detract from the enjoyment of them. simply as they are.

See? You don't HAVE to know The Process in order to like a piece of art. Or even buy a piece of art. And it's totally okay if it matches your couch! Liking it, is what counts. For whatever the reason. It doesn't have to be mired in where it stands within Art History or some obscure art marketing speak. 

The next time you look at someone's artwork and want to connect with the artist? Let them know what about it, appeals to you. Because that little blue squiggle in the corner may be THEIR favourite bit, too!