Planning for 2021

As 2020 draws to a close... and we heave a collective sigh... my hopes and wishes for 2021 are slowly rising to the surface:
  1. Making my marketing strategy a reality. Finally. Which sounds really high falutin but simply means being consistent reaching out to YOU: Making Things. Writing/blogging. Documenting and stocking the shop.
  2. Getting all these ideas I have and putting them out into the world ... an encaustic series on Places We Live, more metal birds and maybe flowers and bees, some mixed media assemblage pieces incorporating smaller encaustic pieces and tins and driftwood and hanging fripperies. Oh! I have so many ideas!
  3. Learning! I have 2 things I've wanted to do forever and maybe this is the year... ceramics..I have a baby kiln maybe I can make heads to incorporate into fripperies or assemblages. And basket weaving... because stones and weaving would make my heart sing.
  4. And while maybe the garden isn't considered Art... it really really is. And I have a LOT of plans for growing food this year. 
So that's where my head is right now. I hope you'll follow along for the ride. Sign up for my Newsletter, follow me on Instagram or Facebook and let's DO this!

I truly hope you have a wonderfully calm and peaceful with all your favourite people and yummy treats as we slide into 2021. See you on the other side! 


  1. Happy New Year Jen. Noticed mention in your newsletter today of #creativevaccine. I'm looking for some (casual) art participation or a round robin/swap this year. Thinking this might be a rules (yay) but is there a signup?

    Wishing you a happy healthy new year

    1. Hello Catherine! Apologies for my tardy response as I didn't get a notice for your comment. The challenge requires no sign up. You simply create something on the months theme and tag your work #thecreativevaccine on Instagram. Happy New Year to you!


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