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Ever delved into Marketing Yourself On the Internet? It's terrifying!

Okay. So maybe terrifying is a bit overstated. Overwhelming perhaps. At any rate the Marketing Pundits tell me that "The Best Day to Post" is actually Wednesday. Meh. It's Monday. And I'm posting anyway. And yet another reason why I'll never graduate Marketing 101!

So. I sent out my newsletter post (maybe you're already a subscriber? thank you!) and I've packaged up all my Little Things. For the record? Boy oh boy! do I love packaging things. Seriously. Being a professional gift-wrapper would make me a VERY happy camper (right up there with personal organizer!) From choosing the right background cards to wrapping and taping and tucking in treats. Yep. My happy place. The shop will be open for the Public tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10. You'll find the link right on the front page under Art For Sale.

Pink Abstract gelatin print

And then, later in the week I'll be posting my gelatin prints for sale on Instagram, so be sure to follow me so you won't miss out! There are 7 (hmmm...or 8?) ready to frame, 5x7" prints on 8 x10" vellum for $10. including shipping. A bargain! And just in time for the holiday season. Happy shopping!

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