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New Work!

House built? CHECK!
Moved in? CHECK!
Studio Organized? CHECK!
Time to put the label-maker down and get to work then!

During the move, I discovered a bunch of old albums in a box in the shed. Turns out Tom's Aunt was quite the traveller and photographer. I'd actually planned on doing Stephanie's e-course Art as Allegory as my first 'new studio' project ... these photos fitting right in with that. Unbeknownst to me, moving a 1/2k down the road meant our already border-line internet access became spotty at best. If you've ever travelled and found yourself having to use dial-up again, you KNOW the frustration. And as 'give it to me NOW or else' firstworld white folk, turns out "or else" is to walk away.

So. I went ahead with my own take on Telling Stories.

Using a base of plaster, gesso and cast-off plywood from the build [free art supplies!], I've been putting all these photos to good use. My concern is how to make her stories, old stories, MY stories. I'm working on that part!

Perhaps because the context of this New York City scene was less personal than many others, I had little problem going to town. I really like how it turned out. But there ends the ease. I'm struggling with moving beyond these being "Millie's  photos" into the realm of anyone relating to them. There is one of Tom's Dad & Millie that I suspect will take me a long time to get to.

As I worked on "Millie and The Baby", which is just SUCH an awesome photo!, I was being oh! so tentative. I'd make a mark. Wipe it off. Add colour. Wipe it off. I was getting angry with myself and frustrated that it wasn't coming easily. So. As I learned from my Daily Painting project, uglifying [technical ART term] stopped me from being precious, getting me back into my own creative zone. I suspect there will be many more Ugly Painting stages before I finish with this series!