Been awhile OR Things I have learned while Building a House

  1.  Building a House is not for sissies.
  2. The euphoria is equally matched with the devastation. (this may be overly dramatic)(or not)
  3. Choose your builder wisely.
  4. Get used to everything being more expensive and taking twice as long.
  5. Remember YOU will be living in this place. Not your builder, not the painter, not the electrician. YOU. This cannot be repeated often enough.
  6. Take time to sit in each room. Preferably alone and in silence.
  7. Not everything has to be done before you move in. But anything done by somebody else should.
  8. Put your money where it's important to YOU. (ie bathrooms are not my jam)
  9. If things take a bit longer toward the end? Remember a few days will NOT make a big difference in the Big Picture!
  10. Enjoy the journey!

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