working through

I'm kinda proud of myself.
And I do not say that lightly ...25 year badge for Self-Deprecation. thankyouverymuch

Turns out if you practice you get better. [uhm. no shit sherlock]
Bear [bare? I never knowwwww!!]  with me.

I've been uber reactive to the whole mission statement thang. Pretty sure I've written about that before ... just ended up going down a giant rabbit hole trying to find links to vision boards *eesh* the older I get the more frittered I become. ANYWAY. The point being I push back against that shit. Big. Time.


I know it works.
I've SEEN it work.
But something about sitting down and writing these days. I'm like a 5 year old hopped on sugar with hyperactive tendencies. My brain zips and veers off the road. I probably need to figure out what THAT's all about but not THIS day.

And because of this current propensity I've been super focused on practicing visualizations. Quiet moments thinking about my path, clearing it of obstacles, intent on how it looks and more importantly FEELS as I wind down that road. Slowing it all down so I can really look, listen, experience how I want it to BE.

From my previous post you know I've been trying to figure out how to interpret all these photos of Tom's Aunt Millie.  I was in the studio looking at what I'd started ... "What do you want?" I asked. And suddenly the conversation started.

Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
 I realized I don't HAVE to know the solution.
The conversation IS the solution.
And it's through this process ... my art process... that I'll discover what that conversation is.

And just like that my path opened and the direction was crystal clear.

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