Personal Symbols

Taking another online mini-course, Personal Patterns from Stephanie Lee.

Starting with painting, mark making on tracing paper ... when I did a course with Jane Davies a few years ago, we did stamping on tissue paper but I wholeheartedly agree that tracing paper is much more sturdy. And it disappears just as easily as tissue paper without the potential tearing. So. Keep that puppy in my arsenal!

Then we layer. Here I focussed on colour and form rather than any specific imagery. Again. A new thing for me and while the "finished" look kinda gives me the heebie jeebies I love the scope and freedom of this base. Another, trick I'll use over and over again I think.

Now we get into personal patterns and symbology. I looked for First Nations symbols for Seasons ... going through some stuff so I'm trying to remember that everything passes "to everything there is a Season" and all that. The balloons on strings on the left  bottom is actually the symbol of winter. The diamond divided in 4 = Seasons. As you can see, not a whole lot of the original collaged substrate is showing once the paint starts to get introduced. And yet? It's all still there.

As per usual it became a tad overwrought, something I'm trying to change. I want a much rougher or rawer final product. Which I didn't quite achieve. I stopped here. But knew I'd have to go back in the morning.

And this is where I stopped. I realized I'd gone too far and would only be treading the same bit of water if I kept on. There are bits I absolutely adore ... the background behind the 3 circles on the center left. And the triangles and scribbled red bits (using new-to-me Golden Fluid Acrylic pens ... OMG swoon!) have the rawness I'm after. Everything else? Giant "meh".


PS It's nice to be back and I apologize if you got a flood of old posts by email. Technology. *sigh* #amiright

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