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Forest Assemblages

Back story

Late Summer, Fall and most of Winter this past year, saw me spend an hour or two walking in our woods. Tom, my husband, discovered his naturalist side in retirement and he's now listening when I say, "Oh. This is wintergreen. Smell!" or "Taste this!" as I hand him purslane or sheep sorrel. Only took 30 years. :)

Part of living in rural Nova Scotia is dealing with hunters and (worse in my mind) trappers being able to freely use private property to ...well... hunt and trap. As Stella is always with me on my walks, I carry wire cutters at all times. When I also started carrying wire, that was the start of my forest assemblages.

I like putting metal hearts (cut from cans) on my favourite trees. Mainly beech, as it turns out.
Stars go on trees that strike me as being stellar on any given walk.
I'll also pick up sticks and pinecones and stones that beckon; wrap them in wire and create mobiles hung in branches along the multitude of pathways.

Perhaps someday I will create a continuous marker system but mostly they are random occurrences on our 130 acre woodlot.