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The Possiblilites of Detritus

It's been a crazy stressful few weeks on the home-build side of things. Without getting into too much detail suffice it to say we have turned a corner and are back once again full steam ... and infinitely more important, full ENTHUSIASM... ahead. Part of reclaiming the build-site was going in and doing some tidying up. And really, this post's gist ... do you get excited with reno/build leftovers?

Do you see some old sheet metal, HVAC hole cutouts and a bit of rusty metal? Or are you like me and think, "Free Metal! Wheels! What could I MAKE from that?!?" Tom shakes his head as I squirrel away my newly found ART materials, brain already spinning with possibility.

There's a bag of blue insulation styrofoam that I will be lugging up to the studio tomorrow that I want to do some more animals. And those "wheels" would be perfect to make it pull-toy base, don't you think?

As you can see I've already used some of the HVAC sheet metal. It wasn't quite thick enough so I just riveted a few layers together. Bonus:

  1. Practice rivets
  2. Cool layers
  3. A new shape for me
Wins all around.
As an aside ... I do not consider myself a religious person. Spiritual, yes. But indoctrinated faith? uh uh. And yet, I'm often drawn to religious symbols ... crosses, angels, reliquary, shrines. What's up with that? I was brought up with a reasonably strong Anglican background, my parents were both involved in the church for years. Until they weren't. During a particularly hellish time in my teens, I even went back to church on my own volition. Studied and went through confirmation. And when I think back on it, kinda boggles my mind. Cuz I am so NOT organized religion. Regardless. I continue to be drawn to the symbology less for the specific meaning, I think, than the safety and comfort they invoke.
I can't wait to scavenge more building/art supplies as our house build continues. (more about THAT later!)