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Pouring Medium magic

A few months back, I bought a bunch of Experiment Supplies. Included in this batch of stuffs was Goldens Digital Ground which I've been playing with, discussed here. Another product was Liquitex's Pouring Medium. I think, maybe, as a substitute for self-leveling gel.

But I can't be sure.
I hear about products all the time, think, 'hmm that sounds interesting', tuck it away in the memory file then burbles forth when I finally get into a bricks and mortar store. Forgetting, of course, WHY!

Pouring medium.
This shit ROCKS!
Originally used as a glossy, glassy topcoat. Cuz sometimes ya just need that.

But there are so many other neat applications.
For example, you can cut it easily with opaque paint, getting a wonderfully pourable drip.
Add just a titch of paint and you have a translucent layer. Because it remains quite thick (and dries really fast so be warned!) so you can easily draw through it or paint around parts of your work.

Case in point.
Had these small works that had gotten a bit darker than intended. A drop of white into some pouring medium, I painted over what I wanted lightened. Further because of the translucent qualities, the under layers still show through.

Another use ... when I add photos eventually parts will be obscured but until I do it, I'm never quite sure where or how it will work. Adding a layer of pouring medium over the top of the photo always means I can 'erase' what goes over. Think of it as the Ctrl-Z of paint. When I finally get right another layer of pouring medium seals the deal.

It looks particularly awesome over layers of stamped tissue paper or text, rendering those layers virtually translucent, like they're encased in glass. And a thin layer of matte medium or thinned gesso knocks back the gloss if SHINE isn't your thing!

And, learned just today, it takes transferred text so well! A swish of gloss gel medium, magazine text (coated paper works best, virtually NO paper or colour transfers. in 30 seconds!) Fwiw, I really like backwards text ... gives the illusion of words without discernable "meaning".

And I'm sure there are applications I have yet to discover!
Love the stuff!