A New Year

For the past few new years, I've chosen a word as a year-long focus. I'm not sure they WERE year-long but that was certainly my intention and that's got to count for something. RIGHT?! Yah okay so prolly not. Anyway. This year my intention not only came MUCH earlier ... Solstice time frame... but as a phrase.


A recurring theme in my recent life has been, "Just because you (I) know, doesn't mean you know". And knowing definitely isn't the same as doing. I've been thinking about this in conjunction with making a solid commitment to Art as Career.

Imagine my surprise when hauling out my daily diary ...NOT daily and lasted for just a (solid though) week in 2016... and I'd listed all the required steps to make this commitment LAST year. Eesh. Yet another knowing vs doing moment, fershur.

So many changes are coming down the pike ...new family business, moving from the farm, building our lakeside house including a dedicated year-round studio, I feel it's finally time to shove this baby into being. My tentative list includes:

  1. Becoming more immersed in my local art scene by going to openings and galleries.
  2. Identifying where my work fits.
  3. Creating more cohesive themes and series in hopes of securing representation and/or show opportunities.
  4. Make me/art a priority (take note familials! )

And finally Work Work Work!

On a side note, the piece below is none of those things!
It was created from all the bits and bobs from our summer cross-country journey last year. I honestly can't remember the last time I actually made something with ME in mind.

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