• Reflecting back

    I know it's popular right now to shit all over 2016, wishing all manner of nastiness as it exits. And don't get me wrong 2016 had some pretty dark moments ... mysogeny at an all time high, popular press completely dropping the ball, all the still-as-yet-unanswered questions for our neighbours to the south, so many influential icons moving to The Great Beyond and on a personal note, my mom'said death.

    But there were also some personal Giant Beams of Awesomeness that I can't squirrel behind closed doors.  Like our amazing cross-country trip ... so many years in the making that at times I had to pinch myself to ensure it was actually happening. 

    And we purchased a piece of property on our beloved Wentzell Lake where we will be doing a self-build which is hugely exciting (and terrifying!). But mostly exciting!

    And the deepening of  relationships ... getting to meet IRL online friends and realizing how important and tangible they are. Along with the continuation of expanding those not-yet-met. And those closest to my heart.

    And witnessing our granddaughter's transformation from baby blob to little girl with a wicked sense of humour and sense of self.

    And my son and daughter-in-law's crazy Surprise Wedding.

    So 2016 ... not all bad.
    You've given me some really good... meaty... moments.
    Thank you.


    1. That is not only an i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e table, but a picture of pure bounty & goodness!
      All my best to you, dear Jen, for the coming year ... I echo many of your sentiments within my own heart, which you have put into words so eloquently here.

      1. Tom built the table for son's surprise wedding ceremony. 16 feet of awesomeness. Maybe a trip East is in your future?!?

      2. I will tuck that lovely thought into the folds of me brain ... Thank You ... wouldn't we have a bit o'fun?!?!

    2. Good and bad...just like every year. Thanks for sharing your highlights. Wishing you many more in 2017!

      1. In this day and age, remembering ... and celebrating... Good Things is even more important. May 2017 be everything you hope for Seth! xo

    3. I love this! Vince and I will bring our tools and help with the build. We can camp out at the back of the lot and cook food over a fire. ��

    4. Thanks for sharing, Jen. Your table and festive wreath entry look stunning - and I think I spy Chris and Don there as well! Several of your assemblage art pieces now live here in the middle east and are appreciated daily -

      1. Thank you Cara! Good eye, indeed Don &Chris at our 'Not Thanksgiving' dinner in the barn.



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