Patience required

I've read so many lists and how-tos and bullet points, viewed countless videos... artist should. Or shouldn'ts.

Artist block? Check. We have a solution for that.
Artist techniques? Yep. Those in abundance.
Artist supplies? Oh HELL yeah.
Artist studios ... set up, wants, needs desires. There's even a magazine for that. (serious envy included)

And the one bit of advice I've yet to see is this...

As an artist it is IMPERATIVE that you have patience

Not very sexy maybe but I can't tell you the number of pieces I have ruined because all I needed was a bit of think time. To stop. Ponder. Live with the work for awhile. Tack it up on the wall, leave it on the easel or in my case, stick it on my "What now?" wall.

Sometimes they immediately let you know what's next.
More often though they remain elusive and shy. My work tends to be VERY quiet and needs time to find its voice. Or maybe I'm just a shitty listener. Regardless. I never regret hanging a piece and living with it for a bit.

So I'm here to tell you, "Patience, my friends. It's a Good Thing."

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