thought I was done

... The Daily Painting.

Hung it up in the dining room ... put a gargantuan 48x36" canvas in the easel.
I even signed it.

And then last night, I dreamt of all the things that I needed to change.
Really Muse? You couldn't do that before?

But. I guess there is something that triggers when you call something "done".
Testing one's resolve.
Making sure all those blasted "i's" and "t's" are truly dotted and crossed.

Not unlike Real Life.
Art/Life ... interacting yet again.


Bridgette Mills said...

"Done" is arbitrary. I often think my works are never truly done....could always keep going.

Just Jen said...

Totally agree. I guess, more accurately I'd had enough of it. But then I got thinking about it in a new way, and, "Wammo!" I needed another kick at the can. Or canvas as the case may be. :)

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