kinda quiet. still working.

Still here.
Haven't felt much like posting.
I continue to work.

This piece is on wood and it bows a bit which poses some interesting challenges when using wet washes as they pool in unexpected ways. It continues to evolve. And when I look at it in this photo, I realize that the spoked thingee on the left side ain't working for me. If you don't already take photos of your work and post online (or view on the computer - NOT your phone or tablet - too small!) I highly recommend doing so. You'll see all manner of things you don't see in Real Life. Something about that backlit screen...

This one is very much in its beginner phase. I love how it's moving along though. This was an old canvas that I gessoed over and was using as a test for some printer processes I've been playing with ... Stella's head in this example. I added the charcoal after, just playing around. And then clear gessoed over the entirety. Today, I had some excess umber/paynes gray leftovers and splooshed that over the background. Ditto w/the blood red/gloss varnish applied to the hats. Love where it's heading!

This is one of those pieces that is filled to the brim with experiments and I'm kinda digging the results.

This is where it started ... a masonite panel that I painted back at NSCAD, some 36 years ago! (holy crap!!! it's an ANTIQUE! bwahahahaha!) I sweated over this copy of  Camille Pissarro's Peasant Woman. So much so she became "The Bitch". My mom confiscated it lest I burn it. As one does. As I've been repurposing canvases et al, well, you just KNOW she was gonna get the gesso treatment, too!

Paint and layers and papers and more layers of paint. I eventually added a layer of scraped white gesso and drew my Phonenix Bird (check out The Daily Painting and you'll see it there too ... January through February 16) then painted everything else black. (mars black mixed with gloss varnish actually) It's been spattered with white semi-gloss house paint and crackle painted with the latest umber/payne's gray washes.

It might be finished.
I know!!

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