Keep That Dog Running

I think it was a podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert where I heard this first, "Keep That Dog Running".
It was one of those YES!!! moments for me.
My brain is just such a dog. (Stella and I have a lot in common it seems!)

If I don't keep doing ... and it really doesn't have to be capital "d" Doing ... in can be as simple as vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom. Though frankly I'd much rather be painting or gardening or even baking than cleaning.

But I digress.

If not gainfully occupied in whatEVER task, my brain will find things to obsess over.
And that is never a Good Thing for my well-being.
Because just like dogs. And kids. Brains never seem to make good choices left up to themselves.


Keep that dog running!


Mary Dixon said...

Getting into action, of any kind like you say, can be a life-saver, and actually helps creativity along rather than stewing and trying to force an idea just from mental muscles. I'm a best-ideas-in-the-shower (or forest walk) kinda gal myself. Vacuuming doesn't work for me (too noisy). And I've noticed that having a practice of our art or writing is good...daily practice to keep the flow going, the channel open, even if crap is produced. Like building a muscle. Although there IS something to be said about some IN active time, "ass in the grass" time as an artist and coach friend Allison Crow Flanigin calls it...sometimes one needs to just BE. But even that is the idea that we need to stop trying to force things to happen with our minds.

Mary Dixon said...

PS I tried to log in from my WordPress blog ID (since I rarely use Google +, but it would not validate my ID. :( )

Stephanie Lee said...

This is SO. ON. POINT!!! Your JR brain and my BC brain DEFINITELY need a "job". It's self preservation.

Just Jen said...

I've been pretty consistent since the New Year. Showing Up. Every day. Through 'woohoo' moments and the 'I-don't-wannas' until it became simply something I do. I find doing methodical things... like organizing... helps me when I need inactive brain time.

re: signing in ... it *should* have let you use your WP id. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up, Mary!

Just Jen said...

Ha! You know it. Cuz that brain is gonna go SOMEwhere! lol

Just Jen said...

ETA ... Mary, if you'd chosen "always" re: WP sign in, it resolved. Guess Wordpress wants full control. ;)

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