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Hover Setting


Small things

In between working on The Daily Painting and experimenting with transfer techniques (just rediscovered Digital Art Studio: Techniques on my shelf!) I've been finishing up/playing with some plaster things. Some date back to doing Stephanie's class. In November. Of 2014!!

 I'm pretty sure this one, titled "Frank had a hectic day", will end up with assemblage-y stuff around it. I hate not taking advantage of cradled wood frames! The title came from an old letter I scanned from Tom's family. I don't know Frank. But I'm sorry he was having a hectic day. Some days are like that!

This is a bowl from the aforementioned class. All these forms have been sitting around waiting for me to DO SOMETHING. I call him Frowny McFrown. There's actually something very visceral about plaster forms to me. Love. Love. Love them!

These 2 are using my plethora (and I DO mean plethora!!) of cheese boxes. Wrapped in plaster cloth then a thin skim coat of plaster, they add a nice weight to the sturdy boxes. I bought a pile of old cabinet cards a year or so ago, scanned them onto tissue paper and have been using them on a host of projects. I have a problem letting go of cabinet cards. My preciousssssssss.

And finally, this was meant to be using during the Waxenplast class only never got there. The base is some sort of pressed wood (maybe MDF) and my initial thought was to assemblage it up. Probably won't though cuz that stuff splits/crumbles like a mofo. The title "Hope your school girl works out O.K." again comes from some old family correspondence. I have NO idea what the reference might be. It does make me giggle.