The Daily Painting

So. I'm doing it!

The Daily Painting is now a link {^^ up there ^^} so you can scroll from the beginning to the current iteration of my 40" x 30" canvas.

Now I can't say, I'll be showing something EVERY day because, well, why put so much pressure on myself. But anytime it changes? It'll be uploaded for all to see. Cool huh?

And in other artsy news, here's a painting I started on today. Don't ask me why all the capped dudes. They are showing up. But not saying anything to me. Now the chicken? Totally digging him!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Corinne! It's so freeing not to know where it'll end up!

  2. oh, I hope they are crones.....who ever they are or will be, I am loving it...

    1. Most folks seem to see females. Go figure! Thanks for the feedback Janet! :D