A Different Day

Thanks to those of you who stood ... I can't think of a more fitting description...  and testified my anger and emotion this week. I appreciate each and every one of you. xo

While the anger hasn't entirely abated I have managed to rise above. At least for today.

I also lightened up my Big Painting, testimony to A Different Day.

I'm seriously considering doing a Daily Painting on this one canvas.
What do you think?? Worthy of consideration?

One thing I do need to remember [NOTE TO SELF]: after finishing an online class, take some time away from art altogether. My brain says, "Go! Practice! Put all that new knowledge to good use!" but in reality, I usually end up making mush. My week would have been much more productively spent, I dunno, cleaning the house or something!

I did make this one lovely bit of detritus. A simple charcoal on a slip of Kraft paper, with some gestural gesso and hint of colour. I just love it! Study for a much bigger canvas I think.

Stay safe my friends. Be kind to one another.

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Winners announced on Monday, February 15, 2016. 

Happy Valentine's My Sweets!


  1. Voting an absolute, resounding, empirical YES to your daily painting.
    Thinking such an exercise will prove immensely fruitful. Dunno why ... just do ;>))