All the things

Painting. Painting. Painting.
That's been my week.
Much ugliness transpired. But some gems too!

This one for example is getting some lovely layers. And as I was gessoing back the eyes on the left-hand figure (jury's still out on male or female!), my brush was a bit too watery and it started to run, creating tears. Yum! (well not for tears but the effect of the tears) And if you look closely the right-hand figure is sympatico. Happy mysteries!

The words written are from a Tennyson poem 'Gareth and Lynette' ..."the winds have changed". Indeed

This bit of detritus is from The Daily Painting. Yup. Ripped off one of the adhered cardboard pieces. I know. Rebel! Rebel! Which is rather fitting given the Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes it has gone through this week. Yowza. Anyway. I love the layery layers, the lights and darks. Pretty sure it'll end up on something else. Because. Swoon!

Next week my goal is to actually FINISH something. Hey. It could happen. Stay tuned!
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