I think I finished!

 I think this one might be done. How exciting! I lightened and brightened and refined a few details but I think, yah, "fini". Maybe. It will hang on the wall a few more days before I apply its finishing coat. And I'm also waiting for a title to come to me. Some good ones have been suggested on FB.

Many started things last week moving into this week. Some lovely. Some? Not so much. I feel like I'm having one good day interspersed with lots of Let's Make a Giant Mess, Shall We? days.

This wood substrate has already received the Gesso Whiteout! All that's left is Weird Bird + 00.

And I'm feeling nostalgic for some 'Days of Yore processes'. Unfortunately, I'm being triggered Big Time by all mediums ...gel, GAC, grounds, you name it. Even with fans ablazing. Within minutes I start coughing. Nasty bottom of the lung coughing.  I'm trying to use glue as my substitute which so far seems less trigger-y but no transfers with it. So. Sad. If you happen to know if some other manufacturer (I use Golden) is less toxic, PLEASE, let me know!

And then there's this piece of ugliness. Wow! Rather than be upset though,  I've left it on my worktable as testament to just how awful it is. Frankly, it kinda amazes/amuses me. Particularly when the background held such promise:

I guess the Counting Crows were right:
We couldn't all be cowboys. So some of us are clowns.

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