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    In Canada right now, there is a case being tried about sexual assault

    It is pushing all the buttons.
    The accused was (he got fired) a high profile, well-loved radio personality. And two of the main witnesses  are well-known actresses. He said. She said. Add in a hot-shot female defense lawyer, known for doing whatever it takes to get her client off. And you have an open spark to a very, very big flame.

    As a general rule I try not to get embedded in public or political tests of strength as I get mired in 'all the feels'. But this case is pushing all my buttons, too.

    I walked up to my studio and just let the emotions fly. A visceral, physical response to an otherwise overwhelming sense of ineptitude, helplessness and anger. Deep. Deep anger.


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      1. Thanks Stephanie. I'm still kinda reeling. Processing.

    2. fantastic - and *hugs*

      1. Thank you Carol. I feel better today. Can't keep a good woman down and all that. :)

    3. This is amazing work. Thanks for sharing your response, painful as it is. Tea sometime?

      1. Thank you Alison. The whole trial has me rather gobsmacked. Just when you think we've turned a corner ... there it is! :/

        Tea sounds lovely!


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