You say Goodbye. And I say Hello.

Unless you've been living under a rock ... in which case, Welcome Back!... you'll have seen the instagram 3x3s inundating the interwebs. I wasn't thrilled with what they chose. So I came up with my own. Cuz I'm ornery like that.

2015 was a pretty awesome ... and pretty awful... year. The awesome was filled with travel and family, lots of new to me art techniques and new babies. The awful? Well let's just put that aside for another day, shall we?

As year end approaches, I've been thinking about 2016 and what it holds.

Definitely more travel as we've planned a longer camping trip in June & July across Canada dipping into the US. I'd love to head into the High North too. But we'll see how time goes. Then back to Nova Scotia for August through October ... because there really is nowhere better. November onward? TBD though the SouthWest still calls to me.

Art goals are swirling around as well.
I've committed to an online course with the indomitable Katie Kendrick for January focusing solely on painting. That's going to shove me right out of my comfort zone. Yay! For floundering.

Which parallels very well with my reading of Austin Kleon's Show Your Work. I've long been admirer of his work. In the first chapter, Austin talks about remaining an amateur to keep that creative spark of discovery alive and well. I totally get that.

And the notion of Scenius where innovative ideas come from a group of people rather than a single individual working in a vacuum. And if you've spent any time at all following the inbreeding of this Mixed Media online world, you KNOW how popular THAT thinking is. Not. But I've seen it. Experienced it first hand and sorry, "people that want to copyright techniques" it's Real. And it is a very, VERY Good Thing. Which makes me want to gather all my friends,local and online and plunk us down in my barn, in my fields, in my forest and make shit. Until we can't make any more. I'm working on that one. It might not come to fruition in 2016. But it WILL happen dammit.

And I have this vague idea that I might like to enter some shows and/or try to sell some of my work this year. This requires more planning ... research'n'stuff. Because I guess magic genies don't pop outta the woodwork begging me to send them boxes of art. Go figure! (but hey! if you know of an upcoming show or some gallery that might like the kinda work I do? I am all ears!)

Couple that with the standard, eat better/exercise more yadayada and I'm pretty stoked with where I'm headed. How about you? What are YOUR New Year plans? Tell me!


  1. If your dip into the U.S. brings you anywhere near Billings, Montana, we have a room here for you! And you can visit the box of art I begged you to send me. :)

    1. Thanks Julie! We have to visit family in Winnipeg (they've lived there for going on 20 years and still haven't made it) so a quick dip south afterwards sounds like a plan. And hey! looking at the map, "Worden" is just up the road. Coinkydink? I think not!