Welcome Solstice! And new beginnings.

As we move toward the light, it gives me pause to think about traditions ... old and new. This year has been the least "normal" of any other. For 2 reasons: 1. Being sick as a dog has meant much of what I normally do has not been done. And 2. We are heading to our son's house for Christmas to spend with my ...our... new grandbaby. The first time we aren't hosting here in ... well ... ever.

I make no bones about the fact that "Christmas" has long had no meaning for me. I'm not Christian for one and I get squicky about buying stuff for the sake of filling the space under the tree. Personally, I don't need anything. And if I want something, I just get it. I guess I'm at that stage of my life where I've started looking at piles of untouched stuff in cupboards and drawers and think, "Ugh! I need to get rid of this crap." The prospect of adding to that pile makes me cranky.

The issue is that not everyone in my family is in the same place, making change a bit more difficult. Being sick, for sure, has helped me more than anything to release the "shoulds", honing down to what really matters.

Good food, yes. But I don't have to make everything.
Good friends, yes. But not the entire neighbourhood.
Decorations, sure. But only those that are most meaningful.
Presents, okay. But a token, thoughtful or fun. Leave the socks for another day.

I will have to take a deep breath and let go of perceived perfection cultivated over years and years that has long since left me feeling empty and overwhelmed. And am looking forward to this new, lighter, leaner holiday season. My wish for all of you, is a season celebrated in a way that resonates with you. Welcome Light!


Sweetpea said...

Heh, first ... I like your new blog template. Lovely!
Second, these "plans" of yers sound perfect to me ... and doable ... and exquisitely lean & comfy. I do wish you didn't have to bear all the sickness tho; tis nothing about that to make one jolly :>[
Anyhoo, just stopping to wish you merry whatev's xo

Elizabeth Philp said...

Wow. I am very much on the same page.in 99% of what you shared. Christmas has always left me with a void of sorts but I do cherish time with family and friends. Enjoy everything you do.
Take good care. Xox

Stephanie Lee said...

There's nothing like extended sickness to illuminate where our energy is spent during good health! I'm reevaluating my relationship with Christmas. It's brought on by various familial shifts and personal evolution. Between my girls getting older and the "need" to create a "magical" season for them (like my dad did for me) and my oldest step daughter + husband (who claim to be Christian and who have deemed my version of Christianity as a devil-worshipping ticket to literally burn in hell and regularly make it known to me) announcing that Christmas is an evil Pagan holiday....well, it gives me pause. Basically, I 1) want to be more intentional about everything I do including which holidays to celebrate and why and how and 2) be able to confidently celebrate my choices even if others think I should do things differently. All that to say...Vinny is getting socks...because that's what he wants, and I'm already planning for next year's simplified, more meaningful version of the holiday season. I'm opting more for giving experiences than stuff. (Backpacking in Yosemite anyone?). ;)

Catherine said...

Yes, illness really helps to restructure the value placed on time and energy. And holidays seems to always have some degree of 'should'....I'm working my way towards a more (or less commercial) purposeful gift exchange...little steps. I hope the coming year brings you and your family much happiness and good health (oh, and the same for our Stella!)

Just Jen said...

Thank you Miss Sweetpea. I think very few people actually visit via the website so it's nice to know someone sees it! :D

Sickness. Done.
Easy peasy, lean & comfy. Sorta done.
Knowing everyone won't die if things are different is a very very Good Thing!

Happy new year to you, toots!

Just Jen said...

Yes. Knowing what isn't working is sometimes easier to quantify than what WILL work. Hope your holiday was warm and cozy with family and friends.

Happy New Year, Liz! xo

Just Jen said...

I'm learning that what I want isn't always as easy as "Just Doing It" when family skirts the periphery. That word I rather abhor "compromise" comes into play and I need to figure out where the line is. I'm not good with lines. Always over. Or under.

Hope Vinny enjoyed his socks!

Happy New Year, my friend. Here's to more in-depth ...and silly... conversations in 2016! xo

Just Jen said...

Sometimes restructuring the "shoulds" help ... if it means more to someone else then even if not on MY want list, is worthy of doing. But. Like you, purposeful ...thoughtful... holidays are definitely worth moving toward.

Happy New Year Catherine, Sophie and family! xo

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