Solstice Trees

I was able to put up my Solstice Tree yesterday, something I look forward to each year. A box filled with exchanges and collaborations with artist friends over the years plus some purchased pieces from artist friends makes for a very eclectic collection!

I've been doing this for ... let's see... 2006 maybe? Here's my trees and decorations over the years.





And my very first ... a mere shadow of its future self:


Seth said...

What a cool tradition!

JackieP Neal said...

Such a great idea and yes, a cool tradition!!
get better to enjoy your upcoming visits with family and friends!!

Just Jen said...

Thanks Seth. It's so much fun to pull out these treasures each year!

Just Jen said...

Thanks Jackie. It is fun. luckily we are sharing the work this year. and why didn't I do it YEARS ago. lol

Have a wonderful holiday!

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