Get Ready. Get Set. Post it!

One of my favourite things ... maybe ever ... is to tidy up. Now, I did NOT say "clean". Because I'm not a big fan of cleaning. Something about redundancy or that old adage, "Dull women have immaculate homes" or it being too closely linked to chores as a child.Whatever!

But tidying? Organizing? Love it! And nothing is more satisfying than ripping off my cut up, dripped on, painted, scribbled, marked up work top cover and laying down a clean sheet of, in this case, brown Kraft paper.  For me it invokes Possibility. And Potential. Promise. And Open to something new as yet undiscovered. Yum!

As I was renewing my worktop cover, I revisited my Post-it Note gallery. Often while working, I'll either hear something that is noteworthy or think of what I like to call, Ultimate Truths. And while all start off related to my artmaking process, many could be Life Truths as well.

The current crop, from the top, down:
  • Creativity is NOT benign. [From a podcast on Q with Elizabeth Gilbert sent to me by my son. Thanks Cliff!]
  • Showing vs Hiding your connections will dictate your method of assembly. [when I was thinking about an assemblage workshop]
  • Sometimes you have to come up with Plan B. [not sure of the origin but likely when I'd hammered my head against a Plan A's demise]
  • Painters/Duct Tape is your friend. [because. duh!]
  • Things Are Not Always What They Seem. [story of my life. both good and bad.]
  • there is always more than one way to skin a cat [pretty sure this wasn't literal. though one can't be too sure. ;)]
  • Keep that dog running. [again from the talk with Elizabeth Gilbert. I might've swooned a bit!]
  • Dear Jennifer my love. Happy Valentine's Day! Your biggest fan, Tom. [I swoon every time I read it!]
And finally, one of my favourite Dilbert comics:

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  1. Well, tidying up beats cleaning in my world too but I have to accept that I need MASSIVE tidying (and a bit of drywall repair in the metals room). I haven't done squat since the Canadian Postal Van blew up my last project...heh. So I'll put my best intentions at the front and march boldy to Hell/studio. Signing up for the travelogue - I'll need a good distraction *grin*

    1. Curse that Postal Van! I'm so sad that happened. Maybe a collaboration in 2016, hmmm?? Thanks for signing up, Catherine. I have NO idea where this is gonna go! lol

  2. We sound very similar - I dislike cleaning (yes, had to clean every darned Saturday in my childhood!) but I love love tidying and organizing!
    Will sign up!

    1. Yeah! Glad to have you along Carol. It still takes all my grit to clean the bathroom. After all these years. I may need to get over myself. lol

    2. I need to get over myself, too - but.....the bathroom is still sitting without rugs for two days because I have yet to scrub the floor! :D I have begged my husband to clean the tub for me because that is one chore I just cannot/will not do anymore!