it's been awhile

Finally got a new computer and even though everything still feels a bit awkward, I know you've been DYING to find out what I've been up to. Or not.

While I've been kinda sorta incommunicado without a working keyboard and I was NOT about to attempt a post using that itty bitty on-screen thing that passes for one on the tablet, even though I love y'all, I really do... I have been making art.

Working on my wire skills for one.
And my soldering skills but I'll wait for another day to share those.

Here's what I've learned so far from working with wire...
  1. Stay focused! I didn't realize how often I 'trip out' while working on stuff. While steel wire is generally pretty forgiving, when attempting consistent movements? yah. gotta keep those daydreams at bay!
  2. Steel. Wire. Is. Cheap. I have to repeatedly remind myself of this. My tendency is to keep on frigging around with a too small (or too large) piece of wire and it just isn't worth the aggro!
  3. You can only use the weight of the hammer to accomplish the task IF I keep my fucking hand at the END of the handle. Yah. That one. x 1000!
  4. Sometimes you have to accept that the wire has its own mind. I know this from other media I've used. Hadn't realized that wire needs to be what it can be to. Lesson learned!
  5. Encasing things makes me happy. Making chain does not. In equal parts. Duly noted!
  6. Wire is wrought iron's baby cousin. I'm trying not to covet a forge. 
  7. My brain does not comprehend clasps. What's THAT all about?!? 
  8. Anything less than 18gauge is pansy wire. Just sayin'.
  9. With hands blackened, I feel super tough when working with steel wire.
  10. I will need to learn hand stretches/exercises ... this shit is HARD on my po'lil fingies!


  1. Yes! Yes to all these things! I love working with steel wire, partly because it is so cheap. If I totally fuck something up, I just throw that piece in the scrap bin. I can use it when I *want* something that looks like a horribly disfigured iguana. Meanwhile, just cut another length of wire and try again.

    This is some great-looking wire work, BTW. Can't wait to see what becomes of these components...

    1. But how could you NOT want a horribly disfigured iguana?!? and thanks for your kind words. the elements will await inspiration. right now I'm back into Plastering All The Things! (think of how productive I could be if only I'd stick with ONE thing! lol)


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