I am learning so much in Keith (Lobue)'s online class.
Some of it I knew but didn't know *why*.
Some is brand new.
All of it is entertaining.
And should I ever get the chance to take a F2F class w/Keith again? TOTALLY taking it!

So here's an "S" chain. You should be really REALLY impressed with how consistent those esses are. I worked HARD on that shit. Annnnd. All those jumprings? Hand sawn. [gloat gloat] The two links are misfires but I bet they show up in some work or other. The wrong-turn S in particular which kinda reminds me of an ox yoke (still in use round these parts!).

What I have learned re: handsawing is I need to slow down. And breathe. Getting all tense ain't gonna get through the wire any quicker. And to pay attention ...AT ALL TIMES... where my hands/arms are in relation to my body. This is a general heads up. It makes a difference how wire moves, turns, flexes, curves when certain hand/body motions are in harmony. And hence the corollary is true as well ... disharmony!

Moving into forms is totally in my wheelhouse and loved making this wee cage. You can see this form coming up again and again in my work, no?

Not unlike my crow from Stephanie's plaster class, this is a rough 3d of Miss Stella. Only the wire work is much more refined. And I used staples and curls to anchor the wire much more firmly. I can see many more of these, covered and uncovered in my future plans as well.

I actually have a finished chain with clasp but the photo I took rather sucked. So I'll try to get a better one and post it.

Off to "fly" ... the last 2 classes!


  1. Absolutely wonderful - wow Jen!!

  2. Thanks Carol. Learning a whole lot. Retraining my fingers and hands!


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