O! The anguish...

...and anxiety of learning new things.

I actually don't have anything to show you right now as I work my way through Keith Lo Bue's online class Steeling Beauty. I've often contemplated taking a class with Keith, being a long admirer of his work. But kinda talked myself out of it each time it was even feasible

I mean. I am NOT a jeweler.
I don't wear jewelry.
I don't covet jewelry.
I don't think or dream jewelry.

In fact, in my household there is a longstanding tug of war between my daughter the metalsmith and myself about precision and symmetry and fine detail. I am none of those things. And I'm okay with that for the most part.

But there is also a part of me that needs to know "the right way" to do something. Anything really. If I choose to deviate from that path ...really? as if I'm NOT going to deviate from that path?! lol... well then at least I know where it WOULD have taken me.

And so. I find myself making jump rings. With (lord help me!) a jeweler's saw. (I can just see my girl rolling her eyes and trying to contain herself!) And making a master "s" link and attempting to make c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-t replicas.

Oh. The horror. The horror! I'm managing half a dozen before I need to take a break and cut a longer (or shorter) piece of wire and wreck the fuck out of it!!

But I'm gonna master this shit dammit. Even if it kills me!
And when I'm done and get to that divide in the road? I'm gonna run like hell down the embankment and gallop across the field!

An obvious deviation from any known jeweler's path! circa 2010


  1. You go, Jen!
    I cannot wrap wire to save my life - I am getting rid of the majority of my beading supplies soon because what the heck was I thinking? And to make jump rings I would probably poke my eye out with the saw! You are an inspiration

    1. ha! ha! finicky stuff I'm okay with as much of assemblage is just that. it's the trying to make 2 of the exact same thing I'm having problems with. I will persevere!

    2. You will!! I am so excited to see what happens

  2. I used to feel the same way about jewelry, but Keith's work (and classes) opened my eyes to a world of possibilities there. Now I make about as much jewelry as I do other assemblage work. Keith is a fantastic teacher, you'll be glad you took the class.

    1. Interesting thought 'silentd'! And I am thoroughly enjoying Keith's class.
      Thanks for visiting/weighing in! :D


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