Plaster Tips

As I continue down this plaster road, I started making a mental list realizing that I should probably write'em down lest ... a) I forget as I move beyond the neophyte stage and ... b) should anyone else attempt the path, it might make their life a bit easier.

Notes To Self On Plaster
  1. Plaster dust gets. EVERYWHERE. A mat at the studio door will at least stop its migration down the stairs and across the kitchen floor.
  2. Don't bother attempting finished projects while still learning the ropes. Be satisfied that with each new creation you will learn new things. 
  3. You CAN thin almost thickened plaster. But there IS a time limit. After that? Gritty Ick!
  4. Dry is really really REALLY dry. Paint really doesn't stick to really really dry. (yah. that was a lot of reallys!)
  5. You can get a really nice slick smooth finish by pouring plaster into the bottom of a bowl and sloshing around, pouring out the remainder. 
  6. Soaking that reallyx3 piece in water helps new plaster stick better. (Stephanie did mention this. I'm including as a +1)
  7. Don't even attempt painting until all the plaster is put away.
  8. Multiple thin coats is sometimes better than trying to rush an entire piece.
  9. Adding white glue to the plaster/water mixture works as a more pliable, less brittle application. Drying time is a bit more. Natch.
  10. Facial wipes make short work of any dried plaster AND it moisturizes hands. Win-win.

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