Assemblage Challenge ... Chris's Stuff

Let's review shall we? I received Chris's stuff in person back in June. The first time I'd been challenged to come up with a return box of challenge stuff. How exciting to have the shoe on the other foot!

This is what Chris's stuff looked like before:

And this is what I came up with ... while I don't generally come up with titles for these challenge pieces, if I was pressed, this would be called "Don't Judge A Box By Its Cover".

But it was my returned challenge stuff that totally floored me. Unfortunately, I never took a photo of the junk I gave Chris but trust me when I say it was a hefty box filled to the brim. She took my challenge seriously and attempted to use every. little. thing. on her piece.

She calls it "Hell on Wheels".
I call it astounding!!

A reminder how the Assemblage Challenge works.

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