So. Much. Stuff...

... so little time! I've been busy since we last chatted. There have been kitchen renovations and house viewings and apartment procurements and studio revamps and... and... taking this crazy hand-formed sculpting class from the lovely Miss Stephanie Lee. It's all kinds of awesome and has jump started my muse in all kinds of ways.

My brain is spewing forth inspiration.
And houses. (and meercats apparently!)
In overdrive I tell you.
Here, let me show you!

The heart was the first piece I made ... it's too big and painted waaaay too much. Live and learn. The bird head was made with the idea it will be added to an assemblage. It needs to be toned down. A. Lot.
I've made a bunch of these wee little houses.

This is what happens when you don't have the required supplies on hand. I can't easily get to a craft store and when I researched the Supply List, figured I'd make my own paper clay. Then I discovered I had some air dry clay already opened. Hey! Let's give THAT a whirl, shall we? Yah. Okay. So not a great product mesh. (the clay didn't stick to the plaster. at. all.) but nothing that some glue can't handle. and if the clay doesn't dry white (which the package said it does and frankly, I can't for the LIFE of me remember what I used it for ...the package being OPEN... I can't tell if it in fact DOES dry white) well then it'll be getting more than less paint.

Yah. Okay. So don't ask me where my brain was going when I made this. Vertebrate bones as neck and mickey mouse ears and a meercat-ish face? Sure. Let's go with that! And yep. Face falling off. Nothing a little glue can't fix. Like that's the WORST of this poor guy's problems. HA!

So here's a sampling of what I've made so far. The bird, heart and wee house you've seen. Then there are a couple of stars that have already been smoothed, some plaster casts that may or may not end up on those wood rounds and one of my house niches. Fun huh?

Love these wee houses! Okay. Letting everything dry and on to my armature tomorrow. Weeeeee!!


  1. It is so, um, challenging when we have this clear image in our mind of how a piece will look when finished (all the more challenging with an improvised supply list). The good part is we somehow arrived where it was intended, though not perhaps intended by us. I've had a hankering for paper clay play just lately. It will wait a little longer. There is something so satisfying about actually shaping things. I hope you show us completed projects. xo

    1. For me, "process" rather than "result" is more important and while I could do to apply that in other areas of my life it is, thankfully, missing in my art. And yes, shaping things by hand is pretty much awesome sauce! xo

  2. You go!! I love these.
    (I signed up for your email notifications - that seems to be working much better!)

    1. Thanks Carol ... I'm thoroughly enjoying this new (to me) medium and feel like I've been injected w/enthusiasm serum! lol (yay! I'm glad it's working now!!)


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