Works in progress...

Do you like seeing what others are working on? I do.
I find seeing photos of works in progress (wips) highly inspiring ... a glimpse into an artist's process; their brain I guess. Making them more accessible somehow. Like they might struggle with everyday stuff we all do ... confusion, doubt, failure, overdoing, underdoing. Y'know. That bare, soft underbelly we all desperately attempt to cover up and protect but which really links us all.

And since I really don't have anything FINISHED to show, I thought I'd post some photos of wips I've taken over the years. I hope you enjoy them!


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    1. Thanks Lisa! At some point I should probably post the FINISHED pieces. lol

  2. I do like to see work in progress. Plus your photographs are gorgeous in and of themselves.

    1. Aw. Thanks Karen. I've made a concerted effort to upgrade my photography skills and to have you say that, means I just might be on the right path! :D