Throw Back Thursday

For a Nervousness LMAO (Land Mail Art Object) , 12 years ago! How is that even possible!!

Another one...

An altered book for Mother's Day ... I had the opportunity to see this one firsthand again as I cleaned out my mom's apartment. The inside is a little too ..erm.. busy? for my liking but the outside? yah. love that. still!


  1. Hey Jen: (LOve the wing one, btw)
    I am getting emails about your blog in only one weekly bunch at a time - so I apologize for being late in seeing some of them. I wonder if I can change my subscription somehow.

    1. Carol, frankly I'm amazed you've actually been receiving any updates as that subscription has been completely outta whack for yonks. I'm sending you a new one which you'll have to confirm. Hopefully that should work.


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