Works in progress

... so the procrastinating reading worked! And I've been making meaningful progress on a couple of outstanding projects ... two remaining Assemblage Challenges.

This one from my friend Chris:

(you can read more about how to get in on some Assemblage Challenge action here)

Chris's stuff was quite difficult to decide how to approach other than the box which, obviously, begged to be the containing portion of the piece. And what about all those little water bomb "grenades"? And the copious amount of  safety pins?!?

Well I didn't come up with anything for the balloons ... that rubber/plastic would definitely degrade over time. But the safety pins ...oh. yah... they worked out quite nicely!

Chris's piece has since been finished but as I have yet to give it to her you'll just have to wait for photos of the finished product. I think (I hope!) she'll like it!

Now on to Denise's pile o'stuff:

And what a delicious pile, n'est ce pas?! So many choices. So little time. The hearts were definitely speaking to me. And that little china body sadly lacking arms and legs but allow me to come up with replacements from the myriad of items. Some bones perhaps? Well sure they'd work only there were these knitting needle ends that remind me of D's background, being Sydney's premier yarn bomber from back in the day and all. Couldn't let that just fly by, now could I?!

So. Cute!

Now I'm in the process of making her housing which is progressing a lot slower than the little dolly above. But. I'm simply happy to be back in the studio with lots of ideas and detritus floating around so all's right with the world.

Back to it then!

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