Getting back into the groove

Don't know about you but I find it hard ... really really hard... to get back into a making groove after being gone for awhile. I know the answer is to Just Do It.
Show up.
Get hands dirty.
Make marks.
Act as if.

And I've been trying ...tidying, putting things back where they belong, doing small bits on works in progress but it seems that unless that brain switch has been tripped I tend toward big fat messes rather than making magic happen.

So I read. I look. I browse. (I putz with web stuff) I continue to move things around in the studio, hoping against hope that THIS day will be the day that pieces begin to fit back into the puzzle.

Things I've been looking at ... reading... browsing... (you may have already seen the web putzing!)
  • Nicholas Wilton is a smart man. I rarely read his posts without nodding vehemently.
    This piece does not disappoint: When Your Art Doesn't Sell
  • Darryl Joel Berger is one of those rare people who tell it like it is.
    He also just happens to make phenomenal art as well.
    You should buy something from him.
  • Images I stuffed in my computer Inspiration folder. Sadly I don't know who they belong to (well the first one is my NZ friend Azirca who no longer makes/updates) If you recognize any of these, let me know please!


Sweetpea said...

your 'big fat messes' might be magic to some people ;>]]

Carol said...

Sweetpea took the words right out of my typing fingers!

Just Jen said...

hahaha! thanks Ladies. for the vote of confidence. but trust me. crap. all crap! no magic. At. All. ;)

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