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Work in Progress - detail

This assemblage is moving along nicely! 
So how do I move from a box of mainly plastic toys to this, you ask? My process for all the Assemblage Challenges has been pretty similar. Given how varied the items are, I think that's kind of interesting.

I start by going through each and every component, checking all sides, any bits and bobs that are attached, the heft, their "feel". Through this process I find something usually jumps out at me ... the curve of an old instrument part, the weight of a ball, multiples of something... and that's my starting point.

For this one, after examining all the dinosaurs, farm animals and novelty bits, I noticed that one of the little plastic bird caricatures had a snippet of scripture embossed on the back referencing Psalm IX-1 "I will tell ... things you have done". Paraphrased I learned, as the actual quote is: "I WILL give thanks unto Jehovah with my whole heart;I will show forth all thy marvellous works."

But the simplified version immediately made me think of a merit award and because Julie pretty much rocks the free world in my eyes, having accomplished what I could not, namely crossing the IM finish line, I knew that a sort of trophy-esque assemblage would be appropriate. Something tall and hefty. Stacking the animals gave me the height I was looking for and I ran with it from there.
Work in Progress - assemblage box
There are many components to this assemblage. I'd hoped that I could get the Christmas lights working but that didn't happen. But I did like the red disc shape, a perfect fit for one of those LED 'candle' things. Yay! Light up structures! I'd planned on using knobs as feet but the top heaviness of the box+animal tower needed something more substantial. Enter ceramic candle holder turned upside. Perfect!

There have been numerous additions since then and I'll save those for another day.
I'm getting close though. So very close!


Sweetpea said...

Super interesting to read your thought process, Jen. I was a HUGE fan of Joseph Cornell's boxes back in the day & always used to wonder what led him to the decisions he made about what to include etcetc. Having never done assemblage myself, I always wonder "how does one start?" Altho the hands-on bit is quite different, it's not all that different from *really looking* in photography, is it ....

Liking this piece immensely!

Carol said...

I just love this - the textures, the atmosphere. Wow!

Just Jen said...

Thanks Christi! I suspect the process of how/why is probably as disparate as every artist. Ultimately it's how creatively we "see" whether with paint, textiles, objects or digitally that binds us together.

Just Jen said...

Thanks Carol. It has been a really fun challenge!

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