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Not so long ago I was in a discussion about artistic criticism, whether it bothered me to have my work analyzed, critiqued, held up for display, and I replied that no, in fact, once a work was completed, I had very little attachment to it and if someone didn't like it or felt it was "less than" or otherwise criticized  it I was rather ambivalent.

I did ...and do... however say that I rarely, if ever, show my work in progress. And if I did/do, it was after the fact. Rather once the piece was completed only then would I post photos of the work in progress.


I've been thoroughly enjoying Scott Rolfe's work evolve as he posts his assemblage pieces  while he constructs them. And I wonder, maybe, if there is more than meets the eye than simply feeling vulnerable in this construction phase. Perhaps by laying it all out here in "black and white" comes a clarity or focus to see things 'as they really are'. A sort of visual aid to where the stumbling blocks might be and how to overcome them. Maybe? Perhaps?!?

Here then, is Julie's Stuff in progress. Albeit a highly stylized version since I am  obviously not completely convinced that this process might work! If the visual confounds, ponder the Town Musicians of Bremen, Psalms IX-1, evolution plus achievement trophy and you might get the gist of where I'm headed. heh.

Your comments are welcome. But please be kind: there is an artist's ego involved! xo


  1. I love watching how an artist works, and how things evolve over time. thanks for sharing. As a habitual stacker of plastic animals, I'm already drawn to what you're doing.

    1. ack! your comment slipped through the cracks Karen. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence. It means a lot!!

  2. Totally agree Scott. Sometimes the very act of blogging will help me over a stumbling block!