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Yesterday, I experienced my first ever Art Play Date.  A one-on-one with a new Bridgewater resident, Chris was jonesing for some creative companionship. We drank tea, got to know one another and made some ATCs. It was lovely.

She also brought me a box of things for the Assemblage Challenge. AND cross-challenged me so I gave her a box too. (which of course I forgot to photograph. doh!) Here though are Chris' things:

The brain wheels are a turning ... those hand grenade balloons are giving me pause.

I'm also oh! so close on finishing Julie's assemblage. I'm pretty pleased with it. Lots of multi-layered meanings. Which I think is always a Good Thing. I need to let it sit for a day or two and see if it needs anything else. After taking this photograph for example, I felt it needed some more red to tie in the halo. Totally makes a difference.

Another thing on my table ... starting to receive participants creations for Ten Teeny Things. uhm. Can you say squee?!?

A riff off of previous swaps, 20Things and 20Things zine, on a request to do another I just wasn't up for wrangling 20 people. I could manage10 though and came up with the idea to create something that could fit into a small matchbox and Ten Teeny Things was born.

The talent of this group is nothing short of astounding and so far, are really varied 'things'. I'll post photos when all have been swapped out/received. So much fun!

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