trip down memory lane

ever have one of those, "Oh No!" moments where you think you've archived something ... a memory, an event, a project... only to find that you haven't?!? (or maybe you *did* but it was on your last computer - website etc) well I had one of those this morning.

I was doing my facebook run and in response to a friend's posting was going to upload a photo. only I didn't have one. ack! so what's any good cyber-saavy girl to do in such a circumstance? head directly to the WayBackMachine of course. and in this case even THAT didn't help.

Thankfully one of my Dark Arts girls had already archived the project. *phew*
And you know I downloaded these suckers in a heartbeat!

Without further ado ... here for your viewing pleasure ... Odd Scraps of Magical Power featuring Doc Hudson's Secret Journal!

Cover - Doc Hudson's Secret Journal

Title Page - Doc Hudson's Secret Journal
First Page by JenSign In Page for RR

Back Section - Notes

Back Section - Notes open

Back Section - Notes on left; Reliquary open on right

Back Section - Reliquary Detail

Page by Jane Fonfara

Page by Penny

Page by Lynn Dewart French

Page by SubAtomic Zoo

Page by Caryl Worden


  1. Really, really, really a visual treat. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Lisa. It was a really cohesive group of women. We were able to riff off each other. Twas something special. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Carol. It was one of my favourite collabs. :)

  3. Amazing with a capital A!

    1. Thanks Seth. Maybe when your schedule clears we can do another collab!


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