Spring is a time of eternal optimism and unbridled inspiration for me with all that booming verdant growth, bud bursting, flower explosion. But with my brain living in a perpetual allergen buffered fog, I'm having a bit of a problem staying focused.

I turn to methodical small tasks ... gluing, binding, sorting, organizing and of course, eye-candy surfing. That doesn't however help with Projects, Round Robins, Assemblage Challenges and Mother Nature's own finite planting deadlines. urg.

Lisa's stuff arrived yesterday. uhm. swoon. right? I mean look at those amazing little dollies! I'm not sure why but "jewelry" came immediately to mind. Maybe because of some of the lovely beach glass/pottery shards included. Still pondering though.

And if that weren't enough excitement...

... also in yesterday's mail (a Good Mail Day!!) at the urging of Miss Sweetpea [oh twist my rubber arm!] India Flint's Eco Colour arrived. Itching to get a few pots of dye-stuffs together, I think this farmstead was made for natural dyeing. I have a metal dump to troll through for mordants and printing, 25 acres of fields to gather flowers, grasses and 125 acres of mixed forest replete with lichens and mosses, a babbling stream, many windfalls plus a mixture of soft and hardwoods to keep me busy for a couple of life times.

Other things...
  • I have a book I'm readying for the Round Robin I'm in ... scrapping the clamshell idea but it may be revisited at some future date
  • deciding on the type of box to house the 10Teeny Things that will start gracing my doorstep in another month ... flat is better right?!?
  • discovery of so many amazing textile artists to keep my eyes overflowing with candy ... I mean Diane Ericson  ... come on?! the woman not only creates some amazingly funky clothing, she also paints, draws and collages on the fabric. I KNOW. *brain explode*
  •  pondering Julies's stuff and finding Freya Jobbins made me gasp!
  •  the glamper is all set to go!!!
  • and to top it all off, my baby girl graduated from University
No wonder my brain is addlepated!


  1. OH, good on ya girlie!
    You won't regret a single dye pot moment ;>]]

    Congrats to your baby [who sure looks like momma]

    1. I know I won't! I am kicking myself for having gotten rid of my iron cauldron some years back though.

      And the girl is a good blend of both of us. :)

  2. Oh I've debated that book several times...please post your review. Have you looked at Maggie Grey's work or Jan Beany? Both do intriguing textiles. Congrats to your daughter - she is a good combo of you both

    1. On first skim HIGHLY recommend.
      I bought Second Skin for my birthday and while I love it too, if you don't have any knowledge of natural dyeing Eco Colour would be the one to get. My friend Christi says she refers to it all the time. AND India's photography is scrumpdilly!

      I'll be sure to check out Maggie Grey & Jan Beany. Thanks for the heads up Catherine!

  3. Well thank you for buying the book - sounds like you have all the ingredients for a happy cauldron !

    1. Oh India! I'm all a dither. ;)
      My brain is skidding out of control with ideas ... but! I'm trying to go about this slowly, methodically. Well that's the plan anyhow!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oooh jewelry w/the doll parts!?
    Congrats on your dear daughter's graduation!

    1. Yes Carol! That's where my head went initially. I'm starting to waffle as another idea pricked my conscience but I may be able to incorporate both.


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