1. Overwhelmed by the response to my pondering post, my heartfelt thanks to all who stopped by and took the time to read and respond. I'm truly glad people think blogging isn't dead and that it's worth taking the time to read, ponder and connect. Maybe, just maybe there IS hope and I am not blogging in the wilderness.
  2. I have postponed my Intro to Assemblage Workshop at The Biscuit Eater. Possibly indefinitely. Tom asked if I was okay with that, fearing my devastation perhaps.That whole not being loved thing, I guess. Truth be told, I'm MORE than okay with it. Teaching really isn't my thing. I don't think I'd be very good at that whole teaching-touring thing ... waaaay too much of an introvert for that. I need my downtime. But sharing? playing? yah. LOVE that. which got me thinking...
  3. I'm contemplating an art-play-time-get-together-workshop thingie. how's that for completely ambiguous? my ideal pie-in-the-sky would be to invite 2 or 3 or 4 artists whose work I admire to come and stay here. where each person might give a half-day class/show and tell with the remainder of the time hanging out creating  and playing, learning from each other. Interested?
  4. I've also been thinking of Art Challenges. (have yet to receive anything from this one folks. just sayin'!) I know I've mentioned this before wherein I used to do weekly/monthly art challenges. Something about the "we're all in this together" mindset that makes for such lovely shared connections and I miss it. I have a number of mail art type things on my plate and while I love these one doesn't really get to know the participants very well unless it's a Round Robin. Right now I'm at that in-betweeny stage of having just finished a giant push of work and nothing has quite gelled for  the "what's next". PERFECT time for an art challenge. So. if you're reading this. and you'd either like to participate in and/or have an idea for one, PLEASE comment okay?
  5. I've been inspired by natural dyeing and slow stitching and paper and cloth. I have yet to DO anything about it however. And I know I want these things to be incorporated into mixed media and/or assemblage. The exact formulation however remains elusive. Come ON brain. Keep up!
Patched up . Ines Seidel
Geoffrey Gorman . Alipinus In Action


  1. That is a great idea! I would come if I could. Do you Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog? I think she does something similar.

    1. Still thinking. pondering. would it be more beneficial if there were accommodations for the whole family, Bri? would you want to be paid as well as room/board? travel expenses? don't worry about tying yourself down! I'm just trying to get a sense of how artists would choose to come or not based on what the offer might be.

      re: Jennifer ... you mean using paper/natural dying/fabric in her work? or that she does art challenges?

  2. I can only deal with teaching in small doses - it totally exhausts me! So when I get classes together for the pottery program, they'll be short two or three day classes with a few weeks in between. Thinking of hiring some extrovert to do longer classes in between!

    Love the idea of an art get-together!

    I still have my Christmas ornament that I made for the freaks swap - it is in an envelope and I keep thinking "should I just send this to Jen?"

    1. I suspect that teaching would do the same thing to me Carol. which is why I've kind of shied away from it. besides I have a whole issue ...generally... how classes have gone in the mixed media community. so much control and "this is MY technique" kind of angst. I just don't need that negative energy in my life, ya know?!

      if you're thinking whether I would like to have your ornament, then send that bitch girl! xo

    2. It's weird - all the control stuff! I'm with you - I totally shy away from negative energy when I am able to.

      Huzzah!!! Can you email me your address!?!?

  3. Can't wait! Email sent. :)


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