psst ...

... come closer (I think it might be Spring!)

As we headed out for our walk this morning, I was hatless and mittenless for the first time in months. As we walked up the hill, I unbuttoned my farm jacket and by the time we'd crossed the stream I'd tied it around my waist.

It's breezy. But warm. Flies buzz in my face ... happily drunk on being woken up out of their winter stupor. Any standing water has a ring of green surrounding it ... moss, algae, tender grass shoots. Stella was playing cow nibbling at any grass big enough to get her teeth on.

The garden soil is still cold but is completely thawed. Buds are full to bursting. With a few pussy willows waving in the wind. The lake is empty (of ice!) and we saw a loon circling. Tom said he heard one calling late afternoon yesterday. The crocus are out and the tulips push through the leaves and winter debris, inches at a time.

Windows are open and I have an overwhelming desire to put up the screens and haul out the porch chairs. And it feels like this is the first time, the very first time I've felt Spring. Every. Single. Year!

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