I love books

I love reading books.
I love seeing them stacked into enticing piles, spines luring me in.
I love feeling the heft of books, of leafing through them, the sound of pages ... worlds... thoughts... dreams... whooshing by.
I love fingering raised print, indented print, smelling old paper and moldy bindings.

I love how they can take me away. And jolt me into the present.
I love how they can be art.
I love how they can be repurposed into carriers and secret holders of things.
I love how they can be added to and reduced.

I love books.

Concealed Within – Destroying Identity by Linda Welch

Inga Hunter - Unwilling Journey

If She Thought It Would Help... Jody Alexander

Love Poem . Jo Stealey


  1. yessss...and the smell and feel of books...words on paper making images in your mind's eye....you would likely enjoy Laura Wait http://www.laurawait.com/

    1. mmmm. love her work! love how seamless her books into her paintings back into her books are. yum! thanks for the share Catherine!

  2. Yes to all of the above! Whooshing thoughts.... I know exactly what you mean.

    1. I know you do Robyn!
      so much inspiration. so little time. :)